80% improved self confidence

86% of companies utilizing coaching services reported they made their investment back

99% of companies and individuals utilizing coaching services are satisfied


“The coaching sessions helped me identify the root cause of some of the issues I had recognized as holding back my professional and personal growth. It also helped prioritize my values and center my life around those values. What really helped was the questions asked because it drove me to really dig deep into what really was important.”
Tatiana L., Program Manager, FedEx
“Sandy, I want to thank you for the taking the time to work with me as a coach. You have helped guide me to successful results in each of the five focus areas that were established at the beginning of the program. The expansion was very successful. While there is still room for growth, I have realized significant improvement in my work/life balance, time management, and team development with your assistance. It was critical for me to remain true to my core values throughout the process and you helped me keep them in perspective. Thank you again and I look forward to continuing our coaching relationship.”
Mike L., Senior Manager, FedEx
“Sandy, I want to thank you for your efforts working with me to improve my cross functional teamwork skills.  I’ve always struggled working remotely with cross functional teams and your ideas and coaching have helped me manage up and build bridges between different work groups and operational areas.  I know your work with other managers has been equally successful.”
Dave F., Senior Manager, FedEx
“Throughout my coaching from Sandy, I found clarity in my strengths and focus areas but most importantly the confidence to follow through on my action plan. With warm enthusiasm and effective listening, Sandy showed me how to assess a situation and assisted me with developing resolutions, encouraging me to push myself to reach my goals. I am happy to report that with her help, I have challenged my long-standing fear of public speaking and have turned it into one of my defining strengths.”
Kelly M., Director of Budgeting & Financial Reporting, Mount Mary University
“One of Sandy’s strengths in coaching executives to improve relationships and strengthen leadership skills was invaluable to us as the organization moved through significant changes.”
Pete M., President, Magnetek Inc.



Data Source: International Coach Federation Global Coaching Client Study, conducted independently by PriceWaterhouseCoopers